Santiago Creek Watershed Preservation & Restoration Project (SCWPRP)

Mission: Preserve the ecological integrity of the entire Santiago Creek Watershed from the Santa Ana Mountains to the Santa Ana River through community outreach, partnerships, identification of valuable acquisitions, and habitat restoration of degraded areas.

About Us : SCWPRP is an action-oriented team of Orange County citizens, naturalists, and field ecologists dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the entire Santiago Creek Watershed, which encompasses 100.6 square miles. Founded in 2005, the SCWPRP is working to preserve, restore, and enhance the ecological, scenic, cultural, and recreational resources of the Santiago Creek Watershed and to promote responsible stewardship of the living resource for present and future generations.

"On the edge of the mountain, where manzanita crowds big cone Douglas fir, a trickle begins an endless journey... meeting silt and cobble, salamander and rush, willow and heron... winding and rushing through chasm and canyon, under bridge and over concrete... ever reaching, ever teaching, ever coursing and shaping, until its frolicking fingers find you and me." Joel Robinson

Contact: Joel Robinson


p>Contact: Joel Robinson